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Vote for Ed

Park Record 23 Aug 2023
Park Record letters to the editor. Primary ballots are in your mailboxes. Now is the time to vote for Ed Parigian as your next city councilman. I’ve known Ed for over 15 years ... Recreation ... Recycle UT (treasurer), Egyptian Theatre, KPCW (DJ), Park City Institute, Mega Genius afterschool tutoring program, Park City Film Series, and many more.

Egypt: Unlicensed tutor, who appeared alongside bodyguards, arrested

Gulf News 17 May 2022
Egyptian police arrested a private teacher who had appeared in viral images escorted by bodyguards and ... In recent years, Egyptian authorities have stepped up efforts to reform education and cracked down on private tutoring.

The early life of Cleopatra

Heritage Daily 24 Dec 2021
Her childhood tutor was Philostratus the Egyptian, a sophist philosopher and orator of Ancient Greek arts ... Coin of Cleopatra VIIImage Credit. PHGCOM – CC BY-SA 3.0 ... In an attempt to remove the rivalry to the Egyptian throne, Caesar then tried to position the siblings, Arsinoe IV and Ptolemy XIV, to rule together over Cyprus.

Egypt’s Tax Authority calls on private tutors to pay their taxes

Egypt Independent 05 Nov 2021
The Egyptian Tax Authority has demanded that the owners of private tutoring centers pay income tax for the center’s activities, despite the illegality of these centers ... The Egyptian Tax Authority called on those involved in private tutoring to go to the nearest tax office and open a tax file for this activity in no later than one month.

How desis having a ‘pawri’ goes viral

Gulf News 23 Feb 2021
I did try and learn Arabic, and because there are so many accents, Levantine, Arab Gulf, Hijazi, someone suggested I learn Egyptian Arabic. I enrolled in the night class and the tutor was a Sudanese and he had a completely different way of intonation of Arabic words and he would turn his voice into a squeak when he was trying to emphasise something.

Killer Queens: 5 of Ancient History’s Most Outstanding Female Rulers

Ancient Origins 04 Jan 2021
The Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose I and his queen Ahmose bore a princess named Hatshepsut in 1508 BC ... The Egyptian pantheon consisted of 24 Egyptian goddesses, 26 male deities, and six androgynous gods. The most powerful Egyptian goddess was Isis, and then there was Hathor, Bastet, Maat, Nut, and many more.

Watch: Emirati man takes baby steps in Hebrew as UAE-Israel ties go sky-high

Gulf News 25 Oct 2020
... from a tutor ... To take his baby steps in Hebrew, Al Hameli then sought the help of a tutor. The Egyptian tutor, who had worked as a tourist guide for Israelis visiting his country, has started taking classes on four days a week for Al Hameli ... I am also lucky that I found a tutor.

On with education reform under COVID-19

Watani 18 Oct 2020
These include virtual classes, interactive e-books, questions to teachers, an online tutoring library, and access to the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) ... “By 2030,” he promised, “the dream of a good education for every Egyptian child will be a reality on the ground.

Inji Aflatoun, Egyptian painter and feminist, gets Google Doodle for her 95th birthday

Arab News 16 Apr 2019
The doodle features Aflatoun in front of her canvas of surrealist and cubist paintings, which led critics to call her a “pioneer of modern Egyptian art,” according to Google’s description of the creative talent ... Under the mentorship of her private art tutor, Kamel Al-Timisani, Aflatoun was introduced to surrealist and cubist aesthetics.

PCC Alumni Association Honors Four during Annual Awards Program

Reflector 04 Nov 2018
She currently teaches part-time at Children’s Campus of Greenville and is a private tutor for children ages 4-10 years old. A native Egyptian, Ali already had earned a bachelor’s degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies by the time she moved to the United States more than 15 years ago ... Down East Holiday Show concludes today ... to 4 p.m ... .

Poetry helps Hazara refugee girl find her path in England

The News International 30 Jul 2018
In her final year at Oxford Spires, where she topped her class in politics and philosophy, Rezaei was chosen by the Forward Art Foundation, a charity committed to widening the audience for poetry, to mentor and tutor younger pupils, among them a Syrian, a Pashtu Afghan and Egyptian girls.

Giulio Regeni murder: investigators seize tutor’s computer

The Observer 10 Jan 2018
... student who was tortured and killed in Cairo two years ago, have seized the computer and mobile phone of his Cambridge University tutor.

Cambridge professor from Egypt to be questioned by authorities investigating the death of Phd student ...

Arabnews 03 Jan 2018
Italian authorities this month will begin questioning the Egyptian tutor of the Cambridge student Giulio Regeni, who was murdered in Cairo in 2016 ... Suspicions were raised that he had been kidnapped and killed by the Egyptian security forces.

Cambridge University professor at centre of row over Giulio Regeni death

The Guardian 03 Jan 2018
At the centre of the debacle lies an Egyptian professor named Dr Maha Abdelrahman, who served as Regeni’s tutor and has been a favourite target of Italian press reports, who have painted her as wilfully resisting demands for information.

Italians to question the tutor of murdered Cambridge student Giulio Regeni

The Daily Telegraph 07 Dec 2017
Italian magistrates investigating the case for nearly two years have complained of limited cooperation from Egyptian authorities and his tutor at the time, Dr Maha Mahfouz Abdelrahman, who had relocated to England from Egypt to lecture in the ...